Headlight & Tail Light Film by Lamin-X

Keep your lights bright, clean and flawless with a clear, seamless protective shield. Lamin-X provides the best coverage and protection on the market for your headlights, fog and taillights while maintaining an uninhibited luminous glow.

Your headlights and taillights guide your path and actions on the road and complete your car's exquisite, polished shine. As the outermost pieces of your exterior, your lights are quickly exposed to dirt and stones from the road, dirt, scuffs and other damages that can scar your plastic coverings and dampen your lights. Lamin-X and our certified, professional installers give you a clear, invisible covering that absorbs the damage your lights see on the road. Your lights remain clean and bright as Lamin-X deflects scratches, stones and dust, keeping your path brightly lit and your impressive exterior in flawless condition.

Lamin-X headlight and tail light film coverings are available in a variety of colors and are also backed by a three-year warranty. Contact Shades of Gray in Philadelphia to schedule a Lamin-X installation for your vehicle today.

Clear - 12 mil
Charcoal - 18 mil
Smoked - 18 mil
Blue - 18 mil
Yellow - 18 mil
Red - 18 mil