Window Tinting for the Philadelphia Area

Lifetime Warranty

SOG stands behind all their automotive, residential and commercial installs, backed by LLumar's Lifetime Warranty. As one of LLumar's only certified automotive installers in the tri-state area, we constantly stress that education is always key when deciding a tint shop. The film brand should always be the first choice. Even with a skilled professional installation, a low quality film will break down over a short period of time. For over 35 years, LLumar has been recognized as the premier film in the industry. LLumar's lifetime guarantee towers over all other brands supposed "lifetime" warranties. LLumar is the only proven film to keep its color. Bubbling, peeling, demetalizing, delaminating, fading, and color change are what LLumar promises you'll never see.

Residential and Commercial

Working in an office or relaxing at home in direct sunlight can result in fatigue, eyestrain and loss of concentration. Llumar is a retrofit product installed directly to the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between sunny and shady areas and it deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare.

Over time, the rays of the sun fade whatever is in their path. But professionally installed Llumar film blocks out 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinary windows allow in. That means that draperies, furniture, upholstery and carpeting will last longer.

Winter heat loss through windows can cause discomfort to building occupants and unnecessarily high-energy bills. Low emissivity insulating film applied to the inside face of ordinary single-glazed windows decreases heat loss by up to 30%. In summer LLumar films reduce the cost of cooling a building by rejecting up to 79% of the sun's heat.

Automotive Tinting

Do you have a C6 Corvette? A Volkswagen Beetle? How about an 80's style Camaro? A lot of tint shops will struggle with the rear windshields of these vehicles along with several others, and will say that film can not be installed one piece. These and many more difficult install rear windshields are completed one-piece at SOG. Where other shops may fail, SOG always pushes for one piece rear windshield installs whenever possible.

Fairly new to the market is a security film from the great products by LLumar. The material is about 8 mil thick, which is substantially more than the ATR-metallic series which falls in at about 1.5 - 2 mil thick. We have experience installing this material and have had a crash course on the strength of this amazing new material. If this interests you and would like to learn more, check out this brief introduction and demonstration on LLumar's latest product.