Unrivaled paint Protection

Philly’s Finest! We offer top-tier automotive paint protection. Protect  your ride with Philadelphia’s best high-performance paint protection!


Paint Protection Options

The flagship of XPEL’s line, ULTIMATE PLUS provides unparalleled clarity and a high-gloss finish, while its self-healing technology repairs scratches and swirls with exposure to heat.


This film builds on the features of ULTIMATE PLUS with increased thickness, offering even greater protection against rock chips and severe scratches, ideal for high-impact areas.


For those who prefer a matte finish, ULTIMATE SATIN STEALTH transforms glossy paint into a satin sheen while delivering the same top-tier protective properties.


Discover the pinnacle of style and defense with ULTIMATE PLUS™ BLACK. Its deep black hue and self-healing technology ensure your ride stands out, remaining unblemished and bold.


Elevate protection with ULTIMATE FUSION™. Its hydrophobic ceramic coat and clear, self-healing surface safeguard against the elements, maintaining your car’s pristine shine with ease.


Why use Xpel Paint Protection?

Heat-Activated Self-Healing Topcoat

Light scratches and swirl marks disappear with a touch of heat.


Our film maintains its clarity over time, without yellowing due to UV exposure.

Stain and Discoloration Resistance

Keep your car looking new, without worries about stains or splotches.

Edge Seal Technology

Our advanced technology prevents film lifting and keeps your vehicle fully protected.

 What our customers say


Our 3rd vehicle to be done over a (7) year period by the same business, same location! That alone should be enough of a statement for you to get your first tinting done at Shades of Gray!

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